Friday, March 12, 2010


1. You have installed windows service pack 2 and after updating windows up to service pack 3, you are able to log in system but receiving a continuous message that it is not a genuine copy of windows. What are the solutions available to this problem in both manner legal of illegal?

Windows Genuine Notification popped up because Windows Update again installed it via Automatic Updates. It pops up while a user logs in to windows, displays a message near the system tray and keeps on reminding you in between work that the copy of windows is not genuine. It has been reported since its first release that even genuine users are getting this prompt, so Microsoft has them self release instructions for its removal. When I searched on Google about this issue, I landed up on pages which were providing many methods of its removal including those patching up existing files with their cracked versions which I would highly recommend avoiding them as they might contain malicious code and can be used to get you into more trouble.
I found out this method of removal of Windows Genuine Notification :
1. Launch Windows Task Manager.
2. End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
3. Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
4. Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32.
5. Delete WgaTray.exe from C:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
6. Lauch RegEdit.
7. Browse to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
8. Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
9. Reboot Windows XP.
But the latest version of the WGN tool is a little tricky to handle. It will pop up again as soon as you end it from the task manager and while it is running in the memory, you can’t delete it too.

Download a patch from the Internet and run it in your windows

Register your windows from Microsoft official website.

2.You have downloaded windows 7 from Microsoft official website in December 2009 on present day your system is rebooting after 2 hours. What are the solutions available to overcome this problem. Legal or Illegal?

If you have a warm fuzzy feeling inside when thinking about Microsoft and their decision to let you play with their new OS for free until August next year; get ready for the kicker. From March that release candidate you are running is going to start reminding you a commercial copy of the OS needs to be purchased to continue enjoying the benefits of Windows 7 in the most intrusive way possible.
You can understand Microsoft wanting to remind users that they need to buy Windows 7, but it’s the method they have decided to employ that is going to annoy and frustrate users. From March 2010 Windows 7 RC will start automatically rebooting your PC every two hours. So, if you happen to be doing something important you’ll have to stop as the friendly “buy me!” shutdown reminder is invoked.
For the RC, bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on March 1st, 2010. You will be alerted to install a released version of Windows and your PC will shut down automatically every 2 hours. On June 1st, 2010 if you are still on the Windows 7 RC your license for the Windows 7 RC will expire and the non-genuine experience is triggered where your wallpaper is removed and “This copy of Windows is not genuine” will be displayed in the lower right corner above the taskbar.
This isn’t a new tactic Microsoft has implemented to remind users they need to upgrade and it did the same thing with Vista previews. Windows 7 is expected to release in October this year, but at the very latest will be out by January next year giving you plenty of time to buy a copy before the automatic shutdowns begin.

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