Thursday, November 27, 2014

Google Chrome Issues


C: → Users → YOUR USERNAME → AppData → Local → Google → Chrome → User Data

Important:  pen the default folder and backup “Bookmarks” (copy and save it other location).

Now mark all folders and files in, a User Data folder and Delete it

GOOGLE CHROME Download Error

(Can not Continue. The application is improperly formatted. Contact the application vendor for assistance)

You can either use the following
(Enable the browser to run components signed with Authenticode)

To enable Internet Explorer to run components signed with Authenticode:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click the menu Tools
  3. Click Internet options
  4. Click Security tab
  5. Select Trusted sites zone
  6. Click Custom Level...
  7. Select the item Run components signed with Authenticode or click Enable
  8. Click OK to apply
If the above does not work, You will have to delete the Google chrome from your C drive
Delete the Folder Google and re-install via's installer.
It must work or contact me I will help you to install it.

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